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UserVoice Overview

UserVoice is one of the most widely used product feedback management software tools out there for gathering feedback. It allows you to collect, manage, and analyze feedback from your users in an easy and effective way.

How does UserVoice and product feedback management software work?

For a fixed monthly payment, you can install UserVoice on your website and collect and manage feedback from your users. Feedback can be upvoted and downvoted by other users making you know what feedback is important. Once you get the feedback, you can easily analyze it, send it to your team or respond to the customer.

READWhat does Product Feedback Management Software mean?

Uservoice Home Page

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Who is Uservoice good for?

UserVoice is for small businesses, agencies, and any other websites or products looking to gather feedback from their users. Some industries that have used UserVoice are:

Who uses UserVoice?

Companies use UserVoice all around the world. Here are a few of the top ones:

Companies that work with Uservoice

What does UserVoice cost? (UserVoice Pricing)

UserVoice charges a fixed monthly amount starting at $799/month and going to $1,499/month. They also have custom pricing and $199/month for their “UserVoice Validation.” This option is a stripped-down version of their product and is not a substitute for their standard plans.

The biggest difference between the plans is the “unique end users” that can provide feedback. That means the number of users you can have sending you feedback. The Essentials Plan should be enough if you have a smaller website with fewer visitors providing feedback.

The other difference is the Pro and Premium Plans have “Public status updates to keep customers informed.” This feature allows you to let your users know which feedback you are using. The Premium Plan also comes with “revenue data,” so you can track which users are spending money.

Uservoice Pricing

UserVoice Review 

What I love about UserVoice is how easy it is to collect feedback from your users and see what feedback is important. I’ve used UserVoice since it started years ago and have loved all its added features.
They make it easy to install UserVoice on your website and see and respond to feedback. It’s also really easy to send the collected feedback to your product team so that they can address any concerns.

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They make it easy to integrate their system into all the platforms you work on, including Slack, Trello, Jira, Salesforce, and more.

Uservoice Logo

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Let’s look at all the pros and cons of using UserVoice:

Thumbs Up

Pros: Here’s what I like about UserVoice

  • They have a 21-day free trial
  • They integrate with all the major platforms, Slack, Trello, Salesforce, Jira, etc
  • They are easy to install and use
  • You can send feedback to your team to turn into tasks
  • You can update your users on the status of their feedback

Cons: Here are the things I don’t like about UserVoice

  • It is more expensive than a lot of solutions out there, with their first plan starting at $799
  • They have a lot of features and if you are only looking to gather feedback from your users, it may be overwhelming
  • Their cheapest plan does not include letting customers know the status of their feedback
Thumbs Down

UserVoice Video Review and Walk Through

In the video below, I will give my walk-through of the system.

UserVoice Promo Code

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Alternatives to UserVoice

If you’re looking for more options, we’ve reviewed the top alternatives to UserVoice:

Canny – Read our review + promo code – Read our review
Upvoty – Read our review

Also, check out our What does Product Feedback Management Software mean? which breaks down each of these services and our top 2 picks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Product Feedback Management Software?

Product Feedback Management Software allows you to collect and manage customer feedback efficiently. Once you collect the feedback, you can easily organize it and know what should be improved on fixed on your platform.

How much is UserVoice?

UserVoice starts at $799/month and has no setup fees or other costs. Sign up here for your 21-day free trial.

Is there a contract?

No. You can cancel anytime. Sign up here.

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