Freshdesk has been a trending cloud-based customer support solution for a while now and is preferred by many businesses because it offers a broad variety of features that help them handle all communications with their client. It is, however, not the best solution available for every business. In this blog, we will discuss five alternatives to Freshdesk that offer comparable or even better features regarding cloud-based customer support options.



Thonest is an excellent alternative to Freshdesk and can act as an intuitive add-on to it also. Chatting with prospective clients is a breeze on Thonest, and it also works by having your existing clients do the selling of your products for you. The other kicker is that it is free software that is also quick and easy to install.

Help Scout

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Help Scout is an easy-to-use, yet intuitive virtual help desk solution that has helpful features such as shared inboxes, automation, and reporting. Help Scouts’ dashboard and other interfaces make for easy navigation, and businesses enjoy all the customization they can input into it, including custom fields, tags, and workflows.

Help Scout also integrates seamlessly with many other third-party apps and services, so managing customer interactions across various channels are easy to do. Help Scout has affordable pricing plans and is scalable to business sizes, making it a superb option for fledgling small to medium-sized companies.

Zoho Desk

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With intuitive features like multi-channel support, automation, and analytics, Zoho Desk is a great alternative to Freshdesk. The user-friendly interface makes it simple to organize and prioritize customer support inquiries, and Zoho Desk can also integrate with many other third-party apps and services a business may already have experience using.

There’s plenty to customize in Zoho Desk too, which heightens that ownership value many businesses desire. You can create custom fields, tags, and workflows. Zoho Desk’s subscriptions are affordable and flexible, making them ideal for small to medium-sized companies.

HubSpot Service Hub

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HubSpot Service Hub primarily focuses on automation, analytics, and reporting as a customer service and support solution, amongst other features aimed at increasing productivity. There’s plenty to customize in it too for businesses including custom fields, tags, and workflows.

HubSpot Service Hub, much like the other options discussed, can integrate easily with other third-party apps and services, so managing customer interactions from other channels is straightforward. HubSpot Service Hub has flexible pricing plans, so it is a good choice for any business size.


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And finally, there is Kayako. This customer support software solution has various intuitive features, including multi-channel support, automation, and reporting. Kayako’s interface is quite user-friendly, making it easy to prioritize and organize customer inquiries. Like other options on this list, it also integrates across a variety of other third-party apps and services.

Kayako has plenty of customization options, including being able to create custom fields, tags, and workflows. Its pricing plans are inexpensive and can grow with a company, making them a perfect solution for the growing small to mid-sized business.

In closing, while Freshdesk is a fantastic customer support software provider, there are plenty of other options out there that offer comparable or even superior features, some even at a better price point too! The five Freshdesk alternatives outlined here are worth taking into consideration for your business if you are on the hunt for new and improved customer support software ideas.

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