Revolutionary and Decentralized Customer Service Software

Seamlessly help existing and potential customers by letting our AI and your existing customers do the talking.

Thonest - Genuine and honest discussions

Easily install in seconds​

It takes seconds to install and looks great on your website. Once installed, it's a small button located on your website that customers can easily find and click on to bring up the discussion.

Comment on a Thonest discussion

Get questions from potential and existing customers

People can ask questions about your products, services, pricing, features, and more in an easy and visible way. We make sure real people are doing the talking.

Empower your existing customers to answer questions

Your existing customers can see the questions and answer them for you. Your customer success team can also reach out and join in the conversation.

Comments from potential clients - Thonest
Reply back to a comment on a Thonest discussion

Potential customers can see what's being discussed

People can easily see what others are discussing. They can upvote questions and answers, and you can build trust with the community. Our AI ensures no spam gets through and shows content to your potential customers that will encourage them to purchase.

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